Heidi's Heroes | Tribute from Sharron Davies MBE
Heidi’s Heroes is a Cheltenham-based charity that provides practical support, care and courage to people of all ages across Gloucestershire when they need it most.
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Tribute from Sharron Davies MBE

A personal tribute from Olympic Gold Medallist

Sharron Davies MBE, Honorary Trustee Heidi’s Heroes

Sharron Davies is an Honorary Trustee of Heidi’s Heroes. She was a long-standing friend of Heidi’s and trained alongside her for many years. Sharron read a tribute at Heidi’s funeral and has since taken part in a number of television quiz shows (Celebrity Pointless, Countdown and Big Star’s Little Star with her son Finley), in which she has raised and donated £2,500 to Heidi’s Heroes. She has also attended a fundraising evening as a VIP guest.

Sharron said: “I trained, lived and competed alongside Heidi for over 10 years and we became great friends. As with her swimming she was positive, strong and determined to win the cancer battle but tragically that was not to be. Not only was she a great sportswoman, Heidi was a very loving and caring person and a fantastic wife and mother to her two children, she was devoted to all of her family.

“I was out of the country when Heidi was taken ill and wasn’t able to see her to say goodbye before she passed away, which really upset me. The only positive action I can take from Heidi’s tragic death is to use my profile to support cancer-related charity initiatives such as this one. I would also urge women everywhere to check themselves regularly and if they notice any irregularity, no matter how small, to see a doctor immediately. The earlier breast cancer is detected, the higher the chance of it being successfully treated.

“Losing Heidi has reinforced to me how unpredictable life can be and that we need to appreciate and make the most of each day and do what we can to help each other.

“That’s one reason I’m proud to be supporting Heidi’s Heroes in memory of my dear friend and I would urge you please to do the same. Heidi would be delighted to see the excellent fundraising and support work that her ‘heroes’ are now doing in her name. Please be generous.”

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