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Feedback from teachers, swimming coaches and parents say children love learning to swim with Heidi’s Heroes.

Following our fourth ‘Swim for Safety’ course for more than 120 children from 15 primary schools in Cheltenham and Tewkesbury, we are delighted to hear a stream of positive comments from both teachers and parents.

One parent, Teresa Allan, said the course had really boosted the confidence of her 10-year-old-son TJ (Tyler-John) Lovell, who is pictured above with this Heidi’s Heroes swimming certificate at the Lido presentation day.

When asked by teachers how they found the course the children’s comments included:

“I don’t have to worry about school swimming days any more.”

“I’m so proud of me.”

“Before the course I felt scared of the water, now I’m much more confident.”

“I was nervous about swimming before, now I’ve got better overall.”

“I’m really proud I have improved swimming on my back.”

I’m proud I can now do the dolphin.”

“I really enjoyed improving my leg kicking, that I’ve learnt to skull and I enjoyed using the flippers.”